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Laura N. Gitlin, Ph.D and Catherine Verrier Piersol,Ph.D

It explores the use of activities and other techniques to prevent, reduce and otherwise manage the behavioral symptoms of dementia
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Robert Zausner

The clock was ticking. Suzanne Matteo was 37 years old and she wanted to have a baby. But along the way, things went wrong for Suzanne, terribly wrong.
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Sam Daley-Harris

Most people see working to end global povery and ensure a stable climate as a fool's errand. Add to that the Citizens United decision and the flood of money rushing into politics and the despair grows deeper. But activist and author Sam Daley-Harris has helped thousands of ordinary citizens transform from hopeless bystanders to powerful advocates.

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Peter Binzen with Jonathan Binzen

This is the first complete biography of Philadelphia’s great political reformer, Richardson Dilworth (1898–1974).
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David S. Traub

Searching for Philadelphia utilizes photographs to bring awareness of the many largely hidden and unexpected architectural treasures the city has to offer. Most of these would likely be missed except by the curious and alert pedestrian.

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Lew Freedman

In this landmark collection, the author selects and rates this group based on the overall accomplishments of Red Sox players considered the best
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Scott M. Burnstein

The Detroit True Crime Chronicles is a-one-of-a- kind publication. It chronicles the rich history of criminal activity in the Motor City. Using information from declassified federal documents and many firsthand accounts, the book focuses on the city’s local Mafia, key mobsters, drug kingpins, serial killers and unsolved crimes. Readers will be taken inside the belly of the beast for twenty bone-chilling and dramatic tales of intrigue, betrayal, and murder.

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